Sep 2008

More Pictures

Haha! Is anyone tired yet of all my NYC Photo updates?! :0) Well, I just added Emily and Kevin's pictures to our Picasa Web Album. So, if you're still interested in MORE NYC picts, you can (again) click on "NYC Photos" and the bottom 48 pictures are new.


Thanks to my wonderful hubby/tech support-er we have lots of NYC picts available for viewing. Just click on the link to the right called "NYC Photos". Enjoy!


Well....we all know how slow "tech support" can sometimes be (just kidding, honey!!) :) so here are a few more pictures from Friday.

Rockefeller Center

Subway to the Staten Island Ferry (great picture, Kevin!)

The Statue Of Liberty and view of the Financial District from the boat.



We celebrated my 30th birthday in NYC this past weekend. Wow. It was amazing. We were lucky enough to be joined by my great friend, Emily and her wonderful hubby, Kevin. We also have a good friend, Jeff, who lives in the city and was kind enough to play tour guide all weekend. We got to see A LOT of Manhattan and had SOOOOOOO much fun. This of course, would not have been possible with out the help of our mom's, who watched both girls all weekend looooooong. Their help means the world to us and we can't thank them enough.

So, pictures! When we got in town Thursday evening, we went to our hotel near Times Square, The Milford, and then hit the town. We went to a few bars and a restaurant in the "Hell's Kitchen" area.

"The Milford"

Our Friday was jam packed with sight seeing...

First, was a walk through Times Square followed by the taping of the last few minutes of the Today Show.


One of the many skyscrapers.

Then, a walk through St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Okay, we have waaaay too many pictures to post this way. I'll have to consult my tech support and bring you the rest of the photos in a different way. :0) More soon!!


First Hair Cut

On Tuesday, Cate and I had a little "girl time". We went to dinner together and then we both got our hair cut. It was Cate's first hair cut and she did just great. I have waited so long to get her hair cut because she has the most adorable little curls at the end of her hair and I was so afraid that if they were cut off, they would be gone forever. My long time hairstylist, Barbie, just trimmed Cate so that the very ends still have a little curl to them. Anyway, here are some pictures...

Cate holding one of her precious curls. (And yes, I did take one home in a plastic baggie!)

Cate got a sucker at the end and Barbie gave her some "fancy curls". Actually, I think the fancy curls were for me. :0)

So Barbie (who was wonderful with Cate) was cutting her hair, she said, "Cate, do you like to sing? Can you sing 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' for me?" And Cate said, "No, but I'll sing 'Ice Ice Baby' for you." And then sang 'Ice Ice Baby' for her....sniff...sniff...she made her Mama so proud. :0)

The Harvest Moon Regatta

Corey gets his "boat fix" by crewing at Atwood Lake. Races are once a week in the summer months and he likes to crew for occasional weekend race too. This past weekend was the Harvest Moon Regatta and he had a great time.

The Park

Our girls love the park. All of the sudden Anna is playing like a big girl, trying to do everything that Cate does. It's pretty cute and a little scary. Like a lot of things "2nd child" I felt like we didn't have many pictures of Anna playing at the park. So the last time we were there, I snapped a few in between running after her. :0)


Ahhhh, the park poop. Time to go home...