Sep 2007

2 Months

Anna is now 2 months old. At her doctor appointment today she weighed 11 lbs. 1oz. (70th percentile) and was 23 1/4 long (90th percentile). At her 1 month visit she was in the 50th percentile for height, today's number made her daddy happy...he said she's a Lenhart after all! :0) She did not enjoy her 4 shots at the office today, and is having a little reaction to the vaccinations tonight, poor thing. This past week she's slept through the night more often than not. She continues to be a good eater and overall a very happy little baby. We all just love her so very much!



...By Popular Demand...


Good-bye Old Friend

For those of you who knew "Curtain Sweater" (you know who you are, 233 S. College), you will be saddened by this news. I first met Curtain Sweater at a garage sale many many years ago, so I thought it only fitting to bid her farewell at my own garage sale. After one day of sitting on a cold hard table in the garage, surprisingly, no one has taken her home. There is, however, one more day of the sale and I'm hopeful that she'll find a good home. If not...perhaps someone will be blessed with her for, oh say, a 30th birthday gift? Either way, this is the end of my journey with Curtain Sweater and I will miss my dear old friend. DSC02830


Well, these cute little girls sure are keeping us busy! Here are some recent pictures.

The 3 of us.

Anna is all played out.


This is the carrier thingy that Cate often sees her baby sister in. She tried to put it on saying, "I need to hold Anna."

Cutie Pie

Anna is now almost 7 weeks and a real cutie. She is smiling all of the time and becoming much more alert. She still prefers to be held during the day, but is now sleeping 7 to 8 hours at night. Just this weekend, she has begun what appears to be, the "morning nap". We are so very thankful for both of our girls!!!DSC02756DSC02761DSC02763


Recently, some of our Cincinnati friends came to Canton for a visit! The Kruze's came up for Corey's party. The first few pictures are of Ella. Our next visitors were Monica and Emily. We had a great time with all!