Nov 2008

Happy Birthday Cate!

Our sweet little Cate is 3. Where has the time gone? She's such a sweet, smart, funny and unique little character...we just love her to pieces. Cate loves: dancing, playing dress-up, playing babies, singing, art projects, baking, ice cream, going to the zoo/mall/just about anywhere, her mama, daddy and baby sister. She does not like: dogs, birthday hats, green things (thanks, Papa), hurrying to get ready, and help getting dressed. We are just so pleased and proud of the little person she is becoming.

So, the day started with a birthday doughnut (still one of Cate's favorite things).

Then we put up our Christmas decorations. The girls had SO much fun decorating the tree.

Typical little kid decorating...all in one spot.

Like all things lately, Anna watches her big sister carefully, then does exactly what she saw. She would run and get an ornament, Corey would lift her up to put it on the tree and then she would run for another one.

It was Anna's turn to put the star on the tree this year.

And then, for dinner, we went to Chuck E. Cheese. (Yes, it's true) We met some friends there and we all had a great time. As we were leaving Cate said, "Chucky Cheese is so cool." :0) She had a great birthday and has another big day tomorrow with dance class and her birthday party.

The kids ate lots of pizza and couldn't take their eyes off of the dancing mouse.

Hats, Dance, Pap, and Blueberries...

More time with daddy...

Just for you, Momma Dar... :0)

:( My Gram and Pap are leaving for Arizona, we'll all miss them so much!

Blueberry crisp and bath night.



Tiny Dancer

Cate and I have been taking Mommy and Me at CADC for a few weeks now and Cate LOVES it. I mean, she really, really loves it. She is full of pure and simple joy all throughout class. When class is over, she talks about going to the next class all week long. Here's our tiny dancer in her leotard and tights. :0)

Daddy Time

Most nights, after we eat dinner, we dance. The girls love, Justin, Jimmy Buffett, Pink's new one, just to name a few. The other night, I was out, so Corey put Phish on for the girls...and they loved it. For the last few nights now, they've specifically asked for Phish and I can't tell you how happy this makes their daddy. :) Here are a few shots Corey got from dance time the other night.


So, I know I usually stick to just pictures of the kids, but I was so inspired by this video, that I just had to share it. I guess having two great little people around all the time naturally inspires one to try to be a better person. I think the idea presented in the video is so simple, but one that needs reminding. I always look forward to the holidays with my family, but I'm really excited this year to see what kind of giving we can bring. Happy Holidays!



Finally, here are pictures of my little Monkey and Ballerina Bunny!

Family Pictures

Here are a few of our favorites. Keep scrolling for the complete slide show.


The Lenhart's - 2008

We've never had a family photo taken. I decided it was time! So, I had/saw this idea of putting a couch in the woods for the photographs and Papa Lenhart made it happen, taking all of the great pictures (THANKS SO MUCH!!). I put just a few of them in a slideshow with a song that just seems to be our little family's "song".
We had a fun time shooting the pictures, hope you have a fun time watching them! :0)