Nov 2007

Birthday Friends

Cate had a good time playing this morning with Anna, cousins Mia and Lily and friends Ava and baby Jack. DSC03243DSC03240DSC03239DSC03236

Happy Birthday Cate

Our baby is 2!!! We have a fun day filled with playing with friends, cupcakes and out to eat at Cate's favorite Chinese restaurant. We'll post more pictures of our 2 year old soon! Here is one of Cate from 2 years ago today.


"Thankful" doesn't even begin to describe how we feel about our amazing, healthy, happy, funny, beautiful, and smart little girls. We had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed spending time with each other and our families.

Wow! Don't they really look alike in this picture?!


Here are some funny movies of the girls. Anna loves to laugh and Cate loves to dance. Enjoy!

Girly Girl

Cate actually loves her toes painted and now she loves her fingers painted too! DSC03126DSC03123

Sitting Up

It's always an exciting time in the life of a baby when you can begin to sit up and watch kids play. Some of Anna's other favorite things include getting her fingers into her mouth, talking all day long (gee, I wonder where she gets that from?!), laughing, cuddling and (finally!) not minding her car seat! DSC03109DSC03110

Rissa and Tim

We had a great weekend with friends Rissa and Tim, who came all the way from Nashville, TN to see us!


It seems like November is just flying by! We've been keeping busy cooking in the kitchen, playing in the leaves and trying out the exersaucer...


Like all things with kids, Trick-Or-Treating took on a whole new kind of fun! Cate really enjoyed going to a few houses in our neighborhood. She even said, "trick-or-treat" to most of the people and "Hi puppy, that's a nice puppy" to all of the dogs that greeted us at a few doors. Anna enjoyed watching her big sister and passing out candy with Daddy. I know I'm the mommy, but darn it, these are 2 cute kids!! :0)