May 2008

10 Months, 2...and a half

Anna and Cate continue to grow and change and crack us up. Anna was 10 months on the 24th and is turning into her own little person. She continues to be happy, happy, happy. She loves crawling under things and climbing. She is talking a lot too! She says "ball", "duck" "bye-bye", "yeah" and "whadah" for "what's that?".

She is constantly imitating all of us. She loves Cate and eats up any and all attention she gets from her. She is a good little eater, some of her favorites are grilled chicken, turkey burgers and black beans. Anna loves getting and giving kisses! She is already down to just 1 nap a day, which seems to make her happy. This past month she's also spent the night at both of her grandparent's houses like a big girl!

On the 28th, Cate will be 2 1/2! Cate is as active as ever and seems to really enjoy dancing and music. She loves to dress up in my old costumes and be a "ballerina". She also loves to be a "band leader" and march around the house playing different instruments. She also loves to sing. We took a gym class at the Y and although she liked the class, one of her favorite parts was dancing to the music in the exercise class across the gym.

She has a great imagination and can "play" with just about anything. She likes to pretend that she is "Madeline" or "Annie" (from Little Einstein's). insisting that we call her by her new name and can stay in character for a while. :) She loves to be outside. She still loves to help me cook in the kitchen. Cate is a kind little person, often thinking of other people. She loves her baby sister and has affectionately nicknamed her "cookie". She loves to read and has most of her favorite books memorized. She loves puzzles, playing with baby dolls, baking in her play kitchen and playing "store".

She is a very verbal little girl and has lately taken to making up words. Some "Cateisims"...
Bumpity- as in- the car is bumpity when it goes over train tracks
Upidy- as in- when we walk up the stairs we go upidy
Moopy- a word that can mean just about anything!

Here are a few pictures of our big girls. :)

Here's Cate combining 2 of her favorite things, being a cowgirl and a ballerina.



I'm pretty sure that by now, Corey could be considered an amateur landscaper. Last Spring, we (and by we, I mean Corey) planted 10 pine trees and an oak tree. This weekend, we (again, Corey) added to that, planting 5 more pine trees and 15 burning bush for a hedge. In addition, he has also built a beautiful front brick patio. This huge project included demolishing old landscaping, then a process of dirt, gravel, brick and sand all done with Corey's 2 hands. It's pretty amazing, really.

Here's a few pictures of our new tree filled yard.

This is the bricking part of the new patio.


And here is the final product! We're still working on deciding on patio furniture.

Look at that brick work!

The Family That Gardens Together...

Today we took a family trip to a local greenhouse and got some veggies and flowers. After nap time, we planted our garden! This year, we planted tomatoes, squash, zucchini and carrots. Cate had fun planting the carrot seeds, but did not enjoy all of the worms in the soil.

Good Times

We had a great time at Michelle's birthday party this weekend in Cincinnati. THANK YOU so much to my parents who watched the girls for the night and allowed us to have a much needed "adult" night out. The first is a picture of "the girls" (minus Emily, who we missed!) and the second is a picture of Tim and Larissa who got engaged on Saturday!! We are so happy for the two of them. It was a fun, exciting weekend!

Happy Birthday, Chelle

My BFF, Michelle, turns 30 today! :0) Chelle is one of the best friends anyone could ask for. She is loyal, kind, caring, thoughtful and FUNNY! They say 30 is the new 20 (1), we'll see how 21-like she will be at her birthday party this weekend. Happy Birthday, Chelle, we love ya!!

ON to Everything

Anna has been climbing on to everything and anything. She also likes to crawl under things, some of her favorites are the picnic table and her high chair. With this new found skill, she is also becoming familiar with, "no". When we tell her "no" she shakes her head, but doesn't usually stop what she's doing. :0)

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful mommies. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful mommy role models in my life and I wish you all a wonderful day full of all of the appreciation you deserve.

Thank you to my beautiful babies who have given me the greatest gift ever, making me a mommy. :o)


Our girls are getting their sea legs early! We had a lovely day with our parents and their boats at Atwood Lake. Both girls were so good (even with no naps!) and had so much fun being outside and on the boat.