Mar 2008

Snoot Face

Ahh, the classic snoot face.

... Just because it's so darn cute, here's Cate when she was about the same age as Anna, doing the snoot face.

And here's Anna's first tooth!

Catch Up!

Well, we've been busy, so it's time to "catch up" our blog!

A week ago we got ready for Easter by coloring some Easter eggs. Cate and Mia had fun. They really loved putting stickers on the eggs. I think Cate's hand was green for a few days! :0) Notice Cate's new "ornery eyes" in the first picture.


Then we celebrated Easter with Nana and Papa and Grandma and Pop. I'll take a minute here to say how thankful we are for grandparents. Both girls just LOVE being with their grandparents. They are always willing to help out or just hang out. We are so glad that they are so close.

Then, on Easter morning, Cate and Anna had fun finding and opening their Easter baskets. We also enjoyed Easter dinner with the entire Lenhart family.

Anna was 8 months on Monday and turning into a real nut! She is crawling FAST, pulling up on anything and into everything. She now prefers to feed herself, so we're working on finishing the baby food and moving on to finger food. This week, she has been enjoying napping and being in her crib...this changes weekly though! :0) She is saying "dada", waving bye-bye and will do "so big" when she feels like it.

Cate will be 28 months on Friday and really is a delightful little girl. Although I'm not totally convinced she's "ready" she's been exploring the potty and even wearing big girl underwear. We'll see... She is incredibly bright. The other day we were driving past a big smoke stack at a factory and she said, "That looks like the Eiffel Tower. It's not the Eiffel Tower, but it looks like it."

Okay, I hope that will catch you all up!


Happy St. Patrick's Day

We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Saturday with our 2nd Annual St. Pat's Party! We enjoyed friends, family and lots and lots of kids! There were 24 adults and 17 kids!! I believe a good time was had by all! Here are a few pictures.

The O'Lenharts

Sniff, sniff...our baby's first keg. :)


Lot's of GREEN things!

And, obviously, lots of beer!


Here are some cute pictures of our niece, Maria. Isn't she SO pretty?!?!!


Yesterday was the very exciting St. Baldrick's even in Canton. First, thank you all so much for your kind words and support for my brother. He did, in fact, shave his head and looks darn good bald! :0)

I had an awesome time volunteering. I got to help sell raffle tickets and was able to spend a lot of time talking to people, spreading the word of St. Baldrick's and sharing some great memories of Abbey. As I have said before, Abbey changed the way that I look at life. But, to see so many other people that have been affected by her, even now, was truly amazing and quite humbling.

The "final" numbers aren't in yet, but as of yesterday the shavee's had raised $13,266.00. This doesn't include the day of the event donations, raffle, silent auction and such. This was really a great experience and one that I was proud to be a part of!

My brother (before) and I. In true 6th grade fashion, my bro spiked his hair before his shave.



I'll try to refrain here from expressing how I truly feel, which may include some "off color" language. But, darn, it's March and there's a whole lot of snow!

Oh least is was good for something!


On her 7 month birthday, Anna began to crawl. One week later she began to pull herself up on things! She is loving her new found freedom!

Here she is under the easel in the kitchen.

And here's our happy girl pulling herself up on the picnic table in the playroom.

St. Baldrick's

We're just 1 week away from an awesome event called St. Baldrick's Day. So far, 39 people in Canton, have volunteered to have their heads shaved in the name of childhood cancer. My brother, Jake, is one of those people!

As most of you know, my good friend Abbey Foltz, was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 at the young age of 14. Abbey and I danced together and were great friends. I was inspired by her courage, attitude and humor. She changed the way I live my life, teaching me to be thankful for every single day. She battled the disease for 4 years, passing away in 2000.

7 yeas later, I am a mom and can now look at this awful disease from a parent’s perspective. I can’t imagine watching my children go through such a dreadful tragedy, wanting to do something, but feeling so helpless. Helping with St. Baldrick’s is a way of doing something.

So, I ask, once more for your help! If you would like to support my brother you can make donations through the St. Baldrick's website. The easiest way is to go to the "Find a Participant" tab at the top of the page and search for "Jake Morgan". You can also help if you have an item/good/service for the silent auction, just let me know.

I am proud to know so many caring and generous people, thank you so very much!