Jun 2008


Just ballerina, no cowgirl. :0)


Anna woke up from her nap on Wednesday and discovered that she could put a few steps together!


A great bonus of our trip to Cincinnati was getting to stay with Michelle and getting to hang out with Monica and her wonderful family. Cate had such a great time playing with Emily and Colin. They played dress up, dollhouse, Dora, and did a lot of jumping and dancing, they were too cute!

Cate was being the "dance teacher", showing her friends some stretching moves.

Abby's Shower

We made the trip to Cincinnati last weekend for my good friend Abby's wedding shower. It was so great to see her so happy and so excited to be married. She and Matt are really a fantastic couple.

It was so fun getting to see the girls, Suzanne and Abby!

A use for the diaper boxes...

...from the diapers that we continue to buy. :-) Cate remains quite comfortable in her diapers, so we found a good use (box cars!) for the giant boxes. Also, these are just darn cute pictures of Anna!

Cute new piggy tails.

Happy Father's Day

I feel so very lucky to have so many amazing "dads" in my life. I am so thankful that my girls have so many positive males in their lives...my dad, Corey's dad and of course, their daddy. I simply can't say enough about the kind of dad that Corey is. He is attentive, caring, calm, fun and understanding. Happy Father's Day to all of you daddies!

Here is Corey and his babies, playing "camping" under the playroom table.

The Scream

So, Anna has this scream that she does pretty much all of the time. We try not to encourage it, as it is very loud and really hurts your ears. It's amazing how she can turn it on and off so quickly. Anyway, here it is. :)

Big Girls

Here is Cate riding her bike like a big girl. In other, very exciting, big girl news Anna took her first unassisted steps today!