Jan 2008

The Potty Song

So, we've had a lot of "potty talk" on our house lately. Cate isn't quite ready for potty training, but we figure talking about it can't hurt. Anyway, we recently borrowed "Once Upon A Potty" from the library, and she loved it. The movie has a pretty catchy song in it that none of us can get out of our heads! Not only do I want to share this hilarious video with you, I think maybe I am secretly hoping that you too will share in the joy of having this song STUCK IN YOUR HEAD ALL OF THE TIME!!!! :) Enjoy. (P.S. Potty training tips welcomed!)

6 Months

Our little Anna girl is now 6 months old! It's hard to believe. She is such a sweet and happy baby. She is now rolling all over the place and even getting up on her knees and rocking a little. She is also very good at pushing herself backward. She loves to laugh and smile. Anna can pretty much sit up on her own. She is enjoying solid foods too! Some of her favorites are sweet potatoes, carrots, squash and pears.
She is a good sleeper, sleeping through the night and waking at about 6am to nurse and then back to sleep until 9 or so. Her napping is sporadic to say the least, but in the last week it seems like she is beginning to "get it", taking 1 to 2 hour naps. Today at her well check, she weighed 15lbs. 11oz (47th percentile) and was 26 inches long (58th percentile). We are having such fun with Anna and are so very thankful for her!

Plan B

The other day we had the "perfect storm" of naps...both Anna and my niece, Mia took good naps at the SAME TIME (which almost never happens), leaving Cate and I to have some good quality play time together. We decided to go outside, the sunshine made it look deceivingly nice. So after putting on a few layers, hats, coats and gloves we went out only to find that it was SO very cold and windy! Plan B- Paint! It's so nice that Cate is such an easy going kid, she loved it all!

Star Thingies

Anna has been experimenting with eating those melt-in-your-mouth-baby-food-star-thingies. She's not too sure what to think of them. She does, however, love sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, squash and is getting used to the peas.


One of Cate's new favorite games is to get in her sleeping bag and "go to sleep", complete with songs and stories...the whole bit. So when cousin Lily was playing with us this week (while her baby brother, Charlie, continues to grow strong!) she was happy to play along with Cate.


Anna's cousin Mia just LOVES her. Mia is at our house a few days a week and when Anna is around, Mia is as close to her as possible. It's pretty darn cute.

Little Fishy

Corey and Cate had their first swim lesson today at the YMCA. They had a great time! Cate really liked all of the little songs they sang while "learning" and splashing in the water.

Sippy Cup

Anna has been cracking us up with her new found love of the sippy cup. She seems like such a big girl drinking out of a sippy already! DSC03710DSC03709

New Cousin!

Welcome Baby Charlie! Corey's sister, Amy, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Charles Jason Wahl, on Tuesday, January 8. He was 11 weeks early, weighing 3 pounds and measuring 15 inches long. He is doing very well in the NICU and breathing on his own. Please keep both mom and baby in your prayers.


Here are some recent pictures of our pretty little 5 month old doing one of her favorite things, playing with her toes!

The Name Game...

and other songs by Cathryn Lenhart.

Noon Year's Eve

Happy New Year! We spent New Year's Eve at the Cleveland Zoo at the "Noon" Year's Eve celebration. It was open for a few hours, so we bundled up the kids and went looking for some animals! It was a great time. DSC03610DSC03611DSC03613DSC03615DSC03618