Dec 2008

Old Nanny

Okay, back on track here. The next event on our Christmas calendar was a morning with Corey's Grandma, "Old Nanny". She is the cutest, sweetest little woman and the girls just LOVE her. DSC_0146

She has a room full of dolls. They are so fun to look at and I guess kind of describe Nanny, still a kid herself!

Anna wasn't happy that we took her away from her favorite toy at Nanny's; an old time stroller.
Even crying, she looks like a baby-doll!

Even though this one is blurry, I had to post it. This is the look Cate has on her face when we are with Old Nanny. She lovingly watches every move she makes.


Love this one too! Old Nanny is so fun!!


Yesterday we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with LeBron. It was awesome.

This is how close we were!!

Just kidding, that was a picture from the score board. But our seats were AWESOME!! We were about 20 rows from the floor, so it actually looked a little more like this...

The Cavs played the Heat, so we got to see another superstar, Dwyane Wade.

The Cavs won, 93-86

We had the best day hanging out together, shopping, eating, drinking a few beers, and watching the Cavs. Cheers to many more years of FUN!

Santa/Lenhart Lunch

Well, we had an AMAZING Christmas of which I am very excited to blog....but first thing's first...A visit with Santa!! The girls actually liked it this year and did not appear to be traumatized in the least! :0)

The next event on our Christmas calendar was the annual Lenhart Girls Lunch. Here are some adorable pictures of Anna and her little cousin, Charlie. She just loves him! (Oh, and I realize I said "girls" lunch, but Charlie is a baby, so he was allowed to be there this year. :0)

Nana and the babies.

Lots more Christmas-time events to come, check back!

Merry Christmas

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other." ~B. Hillis

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Love to All!
Corey, Jaime, Cate and Anna

FDE '08

We had the "Funnest Day Ever". Why have have name every event, I don't know...we just do. I met all of my wonderful girlfriends in Columbus on Saturday. We truly had the nicest time eating, drinking and talking. Not only are these girls the most amazing friends you could ever ask for, they are so fun too! I am SOOOOOOOO thankful for this group of girls and our very treasured friendship.



We were randomly interviewed by the Columbus NBC 4 channel, I guess it was the first story of the night.


Last week I had the pleasure of taking my mom and my oldest daughter to the Nutcracker. It was truly magical watching Cate watch the stage. I think my mom and I watched her more than the ballet! She was able to make it through the whole performance with just one potty break and a little dancing (okay, a lot of dancing) in front of her seat, not too bad for a 3 year old! It was an awesome night.

This coat that Cate has on was very special, it was my mom's when she was little!

Been Busy!

Wow, December has been sooooo busy! I've been teaching dance, we've had some opportunities to hang out with friends, and you know, just life! Anyway, here are some random picts from December.

Sweet Girls.

I've been away a lot (for me!). Corey has done awesome as Mr. Mom in the evening, something he'll be doing a lot more of when I start teaching 2 nights a week in January. We've also really appreciated all of the help from family. Both of our moms have been over to help and the girls had their first sleep over at Uncle Jake and Aunt Britany's house, and loved it!

New Camera Pictures

Okay, so of the 200+ pictures I've taken with the new camera here are the 4 that came out somewhat decent. I have a lot to learn, but it's so fun!! :0)

"The Thinker (on the Potty)"

These two are little buddies.

Cate playing the piano.

I love the way the light is highlighting those precious curls!

Early Christmas!

Holy cow. Christmas has come early. Corey's folks graciously gave us our Christmas gift early...a Nikon D60!!! If you thought I took a lot of pictures before, watch out! Thanks so much, Gary and Judy, we LOVE it to say the least. Happy

Birthday Party

Cate wanted a Care Bear birthday Care Bears she got!

The Cake

The creators...

Opening gifts

Make A Wish!

Cate's 3 Year Picture