Dec 2007


Today, Corey and I celebrate 5 years of marriage! We can't believe how much things have changed, and how much things have stayed the same... We are so happy and thankful for each other every day! Happy Anniversary to us!


Well, it was a busy couple of days and now it seems like it went by too fast! We had a great Christmas and loved getting to visit with so many friends and family. The girls were so enjoyable and did so well with the busy schedule. Cate really got in to opening gifts and has had so much fun playing with her new toys.

We did have a little incident and ended up at Stat Care on Christmas Eve. Cate was "helping" daddy adjust her seat on her tricycle and got her finger caught somehow and ripped her fingernail on her left index finger out. Sad It was not surprising to many that Cate is the first grandchild on both sides to make a trip to Stat Care for an accident. My dad actually suggested that we see about getting a "season pass" to our Stat Care. hehe. Thankfully, Cate is okay and mommy and daddy are getting there...

The nail is still (barely) attached and we're keeping it covered for now and guessing it will fall off soon. She was SO good the entire 3 1/2 hours that we spent at the doctor's, never even fussed. She got big smiles when we were finished and walked out into the crowded waiting room and said, "Mommy, I was so brave!"

Anyway...thank you so much to all of our families and friends who helped to make this Christmas so very special. Now, here are some pictures!

Our Family :0)



Anna's first try at opening gifts.

Happy Pop!

New kitchen!

Christmas morning

Poor finger Sad

Cate helped Anna open most of her gifts.

Christmas Gift Idea

For all of you parents out there who have not completed all of your shopping, have I got an idea for you! This wonderful plastic container provided hours, okay, at least 10 minutes of entertainment for Cate and Mia. Happy shopping! Happy


Anna started on cereal and really likes it! Here are some pictures from her first taste of solid food!


Congratulations to our very good friends Abby and Matt who recently got engaged! We are so happy for them and are already looking forward to their wedding in October 2008!


We took the girls to visit Santa on Friday night. Cathryn was so very excited to see him, but we weren't sure how she would be when she actually saw him. But, as it turned out she loved him and had so much fun. When he asked her what kinds of presents she would like she replied, "I will bring you presents." :0) Anna was a real trooper too. She endured wearing a Santa hat and noisy jingle bells...and seemed to like it all! Christmas is so fun!!

Christmas Pictures

Here are some pictures that we took for our Christmas card. Thanks to Corey's mom (Nana) for making both of the girl's adorable outfits!

Little Things

We've grown quite accustomed to "little things" around our house. It's brought a whole new meaning to "it's the little things that matter most". Gasp)


We are all having so much fun playing in the snow. This is the first year that Cate has been able to play in the snow and she, of course, loves it! DSC03444DSC03445DSC03450DSC03454

Great Grandparents

We are so thankful that our girls are getting to know so many of thier great grandparents. We value, respect and simply enjoy every moment with them.


Birthday Party

We celebrated Cathryn's 2nd birthday with family on Saturday afternoon. Cate had a GREAT time and definitely "got" that it was her birthday and her party. She loved opening gifts and played with each as she opened them. She was, as usual, a little nut.
She liked the singing of Happy Birthday, but then requested that we all sing "Old MacDonald" to her as we did. Gasp) We had a "donut cake" since donuts are Cate's favorite. She loved eating her double chocolate donut. We simply can't thank all of our family enough for helping us celebrate Cate's birthday, you all made it so special.
We had both girls to the doctor today for their 2 year and 4 month visits. As expected, we were told they are both perfect little girls! Cate now weighs 30 lbs and was in the 99th percentile for her height. Anna weighed 13 lbs. 12 oz. and was in the 56 percentile for her height.