Aug 2008

Stark County Fair


Earlier this week we took the girls to the fair and they, of course, loved it!

We went to the High School band show, which Cate took very seriously. I just love the look on her face here.

The merry-go-round was their favorite.

This video of Cate cracks us up. She really was this excited to be driving the fire truck.

Anna Tricks


Summer Fun

We've been spending many of these hot August days playing outside. The girls have loved having both Mia and Kayla at our house a lot this summer.

It's so when you point a camera at Anna she closes her eyes like this.

Here's just a cute picture of Cate. I have a very similar one of me from when I was little that was my dad's favorite picture. I bet he likes this one too. :0)

Oh, and yes...I turned the big 3-0 on the 19th. It was a great day spent with my beautiful girls and wonderful hubby. Followed by a delicious dinner at my parent's house with all of my amazing family. Honestly, I had been dreading this number, "30", but when I look at my life, how could I not be overwhelmed with thankfulness?!!
I just had to include this one. Don't you love the combination of the birthday cake, ice cream, wine glass, wine bottle and baby bottle? It really captures "30". Haha!!

My sister-in-law took this picture of Anna, isn't it/she SO beautiful!?


My weekend in Cincinnati was so SO fun! I got to accompany Larissa to a few dress shops and see her in some beautiful gowns. It really meant a lot to me that I was able to experience such an important part of her wedding with her. We also got to help pick out adorable bridesmaid's dresses and Rissa bought a wedding dress! So fun! Corey did GREAT with the girls, all by himself, all weekend. They went to the park, took a few walks and played and played! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from the weekend to post so here is a kid in a dinosaur hat....who doesn't love that?!! Happy

How cute is this?!!

Last week, I was so thrilled to receive a package in the mail (well, if you know me I'm ALWAYS thrilled to get something in the mail!). When I opened the box there was the cutest card that said, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" and fresh baked goods, suckers, lip stuff, lotion and a book. It was from my dear friend and bride to be, Larissa. How cute is that?!! I am SO excited to be a part of this wedding and share in this amazing time with Rissa and all of my girlfriends. We're meeting in Cincinnati this weekend to shop for wedding dresses!! I'm so excited!! Happy

One more..

Okay, I know...enough vacation pictures. But, today I found myself day-dreaming about the beach, so here are just a few more.

That's it...I promise. Happy

More Birthday

We celebrated Anna's first birthday on Sunday with friends and family. The "theme" of her party was beach balls, as "ball" was her first word. She loved getting some new toys and really loved her cake! We had her well visit today and she remains a little peanut. She was 19 pounds and 31 inches long.

Her little personality continues to develop. She loves to walk, dance and climb. She is really starting to talk; adding "shhhh" (for shoe), "ha on" (for hat on!), "tha da" (for thank you), "dance", "block", and "wfffff" (for dog) to her growing list. She can even sing "ash, ash, down" for ring-around-the-rosie. We continue to be so thankful for our 2 beautiful, healthy, kind and happy little girls.

Yeah, the food colored gel icing...not such a good idea for a 1 year old's cake. Happy


Beach Girls


Beach Family

Here's one of the fam on the giant sand dunes in Nag's Head.

Beach Big Girl

Cate was such a beach girl. Each day we built sand castles, jumped waves, drew pictures in the sand and looked for seashells. She got really comfortable in the water, swimming all around the pool with her water wings.


Beach Baby

Finally, I am ready to post some pictures of our vacation! We had an awesome time. Corey and I were really looking forward to a whole week of just PLAYING with the girls! And play we did! Both girls loved the beach. They loved the sand, the ocean, the pool...all of it! It was so much fun!

Anna is turing out to be very daring. She loved playing in the sand, but as soon as she would see the ocean, she was off! She would take off and walk as far as she could into the water, never even minding the waves! I not sure how far she would have gone it we hadn't stopped her. Happy Here are some pictures of our little beach baby.

Here she is heading for the water.