Aug 2007

Happy 30th Birthday Corey

Good-bye 20's, hello 30's....for Corey that is. ;0) Corey's 30th Birthday was August 29th and on the 24th we celebrated with a surprise party! Thanks to friends and family who helped to surprise the big guy. If anyone has any pictures of the party, could you send them to me? I guess I was too busy (go figure) to take pictures!

A Trip To the Mall

Recently Corey and I took the girls to the mall. The experience was less than relaxing. As it turns out, Anna is not a fan of her car seat and needed to be held frequently and Cate is far too adventurous for her stroller and would much rather walk. Not only would Cate rather walk, but being the extremely vocal child that she is, she spent most of her time saying, "I need to walk!" ("I need" being her newest phrase). As we walked by the "rides" Cate started saying, repeatedly, "I need to drive the fire truck!". How can you deny that?! Happy She tried a few of the other rides, but the fire truck was, by far, her favorite.


Cate or Anna?

The older Anna gets, the more she is looking like Cate was when she was this age. Can you guess which is Cate and which is Anna? Gasp)


More Anna Pictures

Here are some more cute pictures of our little Anna. She is doing wonderfully and is such a good baby. She has smiled at all of us now and seems to really like big sister Cate's constant kisses. She does not, however, like her carseat much. She has been sleeping about 4 hours at night. We are all really enjoying our family of 4!


Cate and Lily have fun playing in the playhouse.

Corey plays Ring Around the Rosie with the girls.


Anna tolerated this "photo shoot" very well!




We had a few events this past weekend and the girls were adorable in their matching outfits. Corey promised them that once they were old enough to protest wearing matching outfits, he would back them 100%, until then...twinkies it is!

New Pictures

It's been a while since our last post, but things continue to be great with our new family of 4. Anna is a very laid back baby who spends most of her time sleeping. Cate loves her baby sister and is always kissing her and tickling her feet. Just in case you didn't notice, the old pictures will archive on the right side of the blog.