Apr 2008


I just love it when my girls play together!

9 Month Stats

Our little Anna turned 9 months yesterday. At her well check, she weighed 17 pounds 3 1/2 ounces (22nd percentile) and was 27 1/4 inches long (40th percentile). Corey's mom and I have hope that we may finally have someone to stand in the front row of family pictures with us! Happy

Anna has a sweet and fun personality. She is almost always smiling or laughing. Some of her newest tricks include clapping and free standing. Not just pulling up to something and letting go, no. She starts in the middle of the room in a squat position, stands up for a few seconds before sitting back down. It's pretty impressive! She is also saying a few more words, "bubble", "ba" (for ball), and "uh-oh!". She's even started to throw things down just so that she can say, "uh-oh!".

She has made the switch to feeding herself almost entirely. She loves, sweet potatoes, tofu, and grilled chicken. She loves when Cate plays with her and is always trying to get in on the "action" when Cate and Mia are playing. She really is a sweet little baby and we are more thankful every day!




Akron Zoo

We enjoyed the beautiful weather on Thursday with a trip to the Akron Zoo. We had never been there before and were pleasantly surprised at what a nice little Zoo it was. It was just the right size for 2 little ones and they even had a little play area for the kids to climb around. My dad, who has been off work due to a torn bicep, came with us. We've had a lot of "play dates" with my dad and both girls (and me!) have been lovin' getting to see so much of him!


The other day Cate "helped" Corey change the sheets on the bed and after, Corey said, "Everything is more fun with a 2 year old!". It's so true. Sure we're obsessed with our kids, but they are such fun little people, it's hard not to be. I can't even begin to express my thankfulness for our girls and gratitude for our family. We're having the most fun watching them joyfully experience life and love to see their little personalities blossom.

Here's Cate "helping" me wash the dishes after we made cookies together.


Here's Anna, so happy, because she can "help" herself while eating.

You Are My Sunshine



YEAH!!!! We can finally play outside! We just got a new (used) swing set that the girls just love! Anna actually fell asleep while swinging yesterday afternoon! (Thanks for the swings, Aunt Drea!)

Poor Babies

We've had a rough week. Both girls got the flu and have been pretty miserable. Cate began with symptoms; runny nose, aches, fever, cough on Tuesday. Anna just couldn't understand why her big sister wasn't playing! DSC04268

And then Thursday came around and Anna woke up with the same symptoms. We felt so bad for her, she just wanted to be held and was pretty pathetic, the poor baby! Looking out the window (and by "looking" I mean "licking") made her feel a little better.

Today, Cate is feeling a bit better, no fever, but she's getting worn out easily, Anna still has a fever and you can tell that she just doesn't feel good. They both still have yucky coughs. Thankfully, Corey and I have been feeling fine!