Swimming in the Pool

Look out everyone guest blogger here. I hope I don't ruffle any feathers from Jaime's faithful but there's just too many pictures for one person to post. Jaime "thinks" she picked all the pictures so you will notice no regard for how many pictures of my bald head there are.

First this the our place named 'Lovin Life' taken from the beach dune entrance. The pool is just to the right.

Doesn't Jaime look like she's also 'Lovin Life' on the front deck of 'Lovin Life'? (This picture was not approved but I like it)


Cate was really into the pool this year. After the first 10 minutes she was actually off on her own using only her water wings. She did still occasionally drink some pool water however.


Anna was also off and running pretty quick. She was feeling pretty comfortable in the ring and as always had to wear her shades.


I think Anna wanted to lean back and have a cocktail in this picture but I didn't want to share.


Time to get in the pool Mommy!