The Beach

Ahhhhhhh, the beach. We had such a great time building sandcastles, and knocking them down, taking walks, collecting shells and playing in the water. I only took my camera to the beach one day for two reasons. 1. I was terrified of something happening to my precious baby. 2. I was really just trying to enjoy the little moments instead of obsessing over the shot.

I'm telling you this because looking back over these beach pictures I found that while they "tell the story" of our beach time pretty well, they don't totally remind me of the girls on the beach. In these pictures they are so clean! Typically, being clean lasted 0.2 seconds and then they were, head-to-toe, COVERED in sand. Anyway, clean or covered in sand, our little surfer girls sure are cute!




This one "tells the story" perfectly. Anna (above) splashing like a wild woman and Cate (below) looking at us like we're crazy.


The girls played "car" a lot. They would line their chairs up, buckle their babies in, and take turns driving.

I call this one, "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean". Cheesy? Yes. But true? Oh, yes.

Love this one.

Surfer girls.