Big Changes

Anna would like to announce our biggest “Big Change”…



That’s right! Anna is going to be a BIG SISTER!! This is, by far, our most important and exciting change! Corey and I love being parent’s, we love our girls, and we are so totally excited about the new baby! The girls, by the way, are pretty excited too! I’m due in early March, so your thoughts and prayers for a healthy, happy baby are appreciated!

Okay, that’s a tough one to follow, but our/my next big change is…


It’s always been difficult for me to take risks, and “Jaime Lenhart Photography” feels like a big one. The good news is that I have TONS of support from my wonderful husband, family and friends that I think will help make this big leap seem a little less scary.

Photography has kind of awakened the creative side to me that has gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere along the line. I’m sooooooo not ready for this to be a big booming business; I want it to be manageable, and above all, fun for me. But, at the same time I think its time to get out there and see what happens!

I plan to focus on portrait photography. I love to take pictures of newborns, kids, families, seniors, and couples. I have a few sessions lined up already and will be so excited to show you all!

And with all these big changes, it seems like a good time for a new blog. This one has gotten waaaaay too big and ya know, it’s just time for a change. Over the next few weeks, thanks to my tech support (Uncle John and Corey) we’ll be working on a new blog. The new blog will still be our family’s personal blog, but in addition it will showcase my (eek!) professional work as well.

I think, and don’t quote me on this, I try not to pay too much attention to the technical side, that when the new blog is ready, you’ll go to as usual and the new blog will magically appear. The plan is to have this “old” blog accessible still too.

So, like I said, BIG CHANGES! New baby, new business, new blog! (This on top of my new college semester starting and Cate starting preschool! Hmmmmmmm, am I the kind of person that needs to have a lot going on?) Anyway, your thoughts, comments, and well-wishes are welcome and appreciated. Loyal blog followers…we’ll see you on the new blog!

Happy Birthday, Baby.

Oh my, our baby is 2. How did this happen? Where has the time gone? As I think back on the last 2 years with Anna in our life, I feel overwhelmed with love, joy and pride for this little girl. She is pure sunshine and giggles, love and snuggles, sass and smiles, I simply can't imagine a time without her. Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

Here are her 2 year pictures, taken by yours truly. Enjoy.










Baby Eva

There is nothing more exciting than when one of your best friends, who also happens to have an amazing husband and wonderful marriage, has a baby. On Saturday, we packed up the whole fam and went to visit Baby Eva in Columbus. I keep calling her "Baby Eva" because that's what my girls call her. We say "Baby Eva" a lot in our house as the girls are a bit obsessed with her (and Emily) and constantly wanting to "be" Baby Eva. Needless to say they were super excited to meet her. Anyway, I was able to get a few pictures of this beautiful baby, some on her own, my mostly in the arms of her loving parents.








This one is my favorite. I just love how you can feel their love for this little girl. I love how even though Kevin
is only in a small portion of this picture, his presence as the protector of his 2 girls is consuming.
Uh! This little family is just so stinkin' cute!!


I Heart Faces Photo Contest

One of the (many) photography blogs that I visit is "I Heart Faces". Each week, I look at all of the beautiful images that are posted, but never quite have the courage to post my own. But this week is different! This week the theme is "feet", and if you know me, this theme seems the LEAST likely for me to enter. :0) But, last week I took my baby girl's 2 year pictures and captured this adorable picture of her teeny little feet....anyway, I just had to enter! is a sneak peek of our photo-shoot (MANY more pictures to come, check back!) and while I don't know if it will be the "winner", I'm feeling pretty proud about putting it out there anyway!


Click here to see all of the other beautiful entries.






The Beach

Ahhhhhhh, the beach. We had such a great time building sandcastles, and knocking them down, taking walks, collecting shells and playing in the water. I only took my camera to the beach one day for two reasons. 1. I was terrified of something happening to my precious baby. 2. I was really just trying to enjoy the little moments instead of obsessing over the shot.

I'm telling you this because looking back over these beach pictures I found that while they "tell the story" of our beach time pretty well, they don't totally remind me of the girls on the beach. In these pictures they are so clean! Typically, being clean lasted 0.2 seconds and then they were, head-to-toe, COVERED in sand. Anyway, clean or covered in sand, our little surfer girls sure are cute!




This one "tells the story" perfectly. Anna (above) splashing like a wild woman and Cate (below) looking at us like we're crazy.


The girls played "car" a lot. They would line their chairs up, buckle their babies in, and take turns driving.

I call this one, "I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean". Cheesy? Yes. But true? Oh, yes.

Love this one.

Surfer girls.

Swimming in the Pool

Look out everyone guest blogger here. I hope I don't ruffle any feathers from Jaime's faithful but there's just too many pictures for one person to post. Jaime "thinks" she picked all the pictures so you will notice no regard for how many pictures of my bald head there are.

First this the our place named 'Lovin Life' taken from the beach dune entrance. The pool is just to the right.

Doesn't Jaime look like she's also 'Lovin Life' on the front deck of 'Lovin Life'? (This picture was not approved but I like it)


Cate was really into the pool this year. After the first 10 minutes she was actually off on her own using only her water wings. She did still occasionally drink some pool water however.


Anna was also off and running pretty quick. She was feeling pretty comfortable in the ring and as always had to wear her shades.


I think Anna wanted to lean back and have a cocktail in this picture but I didn't want to share.


Time to get in the pool Mommy!


What a fun week we had in the Outer Banks! This year, it was just the 4 of us and we had a sweet little time! The girls were SOOOOO good the entire week. They loved the pool (we now have children old enough to say, "Can we go to the pool now?") and had fun playing at the beach. I think I'll be blogging the trip in a few installments, as you can imagine I have a few picts from the week.

So, here is the with a tripod! We took the tripod to the beach one night and had way too good of a time taking self-timer pictures. The girls thought it was so fun to run into place while the timer counted down.



Love this one...

Just as I ran into the picture, Anna leapt out of Corey's arms and into mine.

Silly girls.